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The Best Service for our Clients

8 Line Shop is commited to giving the best products at the best prices and to ultimately give the best service and support in the Industry. As you can see from our image gallerys, both on this page and our About page, that we have been in this business for a long time, have a proven track record and have the experience to deal with every problem from small to large and start to finsih. As a client of the 8 Line Shop, you're also a client of Electromatic International and with that comes all the benfits.

Service Backed By Electromatic International

Commitment To Excellence

Our IT technical staff are well versed and experienced in gaming computer systems, internet communications, and database back-up systems.  Electromatic believes strongly in having the best technical staff possible and has a commitment to use the best resources and training to develop a cutting edge team that delivers unsurpassed excellence in customer service.

Support Services Available

Electromatic support options are far reaching, beneficial and give peace of mind that your entire game room and casino are available to your customers, 100% of the time. Working with Electromatic International will optimize business potential, capacity and realizing increased revenues. W hether you choose hourly service or enroll in one of our service/support plans, Electromatic is committed to meeting your demands. For service and support needs, contact Support Services.

Reach our Toll-Free Support Line:



8am - 9pm EST, Monday - Friday

The Clear Choice

The 8 Line Shop and Electromatic is the clear choice when it comes to the Purchases of 1 bill acceptor to outfiting and constructing an entire location.



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