8Liner Cherry Master Wiring Harness


8Liner Wiring Harness

  • High Quality 8 Line Wiring Harness
  • Standard 36/10 Pin 8 Liner Cherry Master Harness
  • Built-in 4 plug meter connector for easy hook up for in/out meters
  • Heavy duty, long lasting board edge connectors
  • Mini red push-buttons for book-keeping & account set up
  • Fits stand up, sit down and other cabinets (call)
  • Hook ups for 6 player buttons with lighting

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Full Description

8Liner Cherry Master Wiring Harness

This is a high quality durable wiring harness, standard for 8Liner Cherry Master games. Hook up you your game boards with ease. Complete cabinet wiring for all your Cherry Master Game Boards. Need more cabinets? 8line shop has the best prices because we manufacture them here.

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954.920.6460 / 800.564.4735